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The associate membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!


The benefit of a NanoSpace Associate membership is the complete use of the NanoSpace Scientific networking website.  A "MySpace" for scientist, engineers and others with interest in the proliferation of nano and associated technologies.

Site User Features: 


We provide dynamic search capabilities.  Members can search member profile information as well as by keyword the various user generated content posted on the site.


Privacy & Security

The site comes with different levels of security and privacy.  For instance, members are able to create content on the site that is visible only to themselves, specific individuals, specific groups or to the entire site.



Photo Sharing and Ranking

Members can upload and share photos with other members on the site.  Photos can also be ranked by other members of the site. 



Members are given tools to invite friends and colleagues to join the site or to join their group.     




Members can post events on the site for upcoming parties, conferences, classes and more and even collect funds right on the site.



Site members can add different forum topics to the site.  Other members are able to respond to the various forum topics and use our notification feature to learn when there are new posts to the forum discussion. 



Jobs Database

Members can post jobs to the site.  Other members can upload resumes and respond the job post online.  Various forms of communications online can be used for interviewing potential job candidates.


Instant messenger (IM)

Our instant messenger feature allows members to communicate in real time with other members on the site.




Tools are provided to allow site members the ability to create blogs with photos, colors, links, videos and any other electronic content.  


Live Chatrooms

We provide a variety of chatrooms for live chats.  Members can chat in a community area or in a group environment that is private to only group members. 


Dynamic Profiles

The Site Admin can configure profiles however they want.  For instance, new-profile forms can include business or social questions that are specific to the site’s focus.



Videos from YouTube or other sites can be linked and shared on the site.  They can be classified as private to a group or shared among other members of the site. 



Users can generate and post content on the site and also link other electronic content on the web to their pages 



Integrated Calendar

Members can set up and manage their own events calendar, displayed in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly formats.  Events can be marked as one-time or recurring. 


Private Email

Emails are private on the site and are protected from spamming.  Members can send emails to other users and/or to entire groups.   



If allowed by the Site Admin, members are able to post text or banner ads on the site to promote their business.  This advertising can be targeted to specific pages or based on specific keywords