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In recent years society is demanding solutions that offer less labor intensive, time consuming, advantages to conventional laboratory-based analysis.   Faster, cheaper, distributed point bio-sensing using alternative miniaturized instruments outside of dedicated laboratories is a growing global need.   Quick and rapid measurements for DNA sequencing, drug discovery, food bioprocess monitoring, water, air  and environmental quality monitoring and purification are application examples.


Miniaturized handheld battery powered units are taken to the measurement site, reducing sampling and transport costs, by performing the analysis where the sample originates. Smaller size means reduced consumption of materials and power, and a consequent reduction in the risk of exposure to harmful reagents and waste products.


The advantage of laboratory methods placed on Nanoscale silicon-based chips lends themselves well to mass production.  Once the concept, initial design and engineering prototype have been met, millions of devices can be made at very low unit cost.  Because the LOC systems use the same process for making integrated electronic circuits, packaging is relatively straightforward allowing the production of devices that are robust, yet relatively inexpensive.



Develop Small Scale Laboratories on Chips (LOCs)



  • NanoMEMS Pre-Diagnostic Systems-on-a-Chip

  • Advanced Mobility and Pedestrian Guidance

  • Proximity Avoidance Detectors

  • Environmental Purification

  • Biological/Molecular/Chemical Recognition

The current United States annual market for existing microlevel biological based sensors is $4Billion. The latent/unfilled demand for NanoMEMS smaller, faster, less costly, point or origin sensing is estimated at 5-10 times or more in size greater than current market demand. and delivery capacity of the current supply chain system. Civilian markets will likely drive technology acceptance, and consumers will likely be the principal drivers of market demand/acceptance


Market segments for commercial products realized from these projects include: Medical/Clinical Diagnostics, Bioprocess Monitoring, Food and Beverage Process Control, Environmental Monitoring, Defense, Battlefield Threat and Chemical Warfare Sensing


These projects are best developed through partnerships, collaborations and joint resourcing of: NanoMEMS Scientists & Engineers, Femto-Atto Gram Measurement Systems, Instrumented Science Labs,   Biomedical & Biotechnology Companies, Research Labs, Federal Agencies.