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    Pollution of the waterways, and land is a major problem in the US, but does not hold a candle to the problems elsewhere in the world.  For many years, companies have been dumping toxic effluent into the river and streams.  Even when laws where passed in the US to reduced the amount of toxic waste expended by these companies, many of the companies were excluded under grandfather clauses, and many simply choose to ignore the laws and dump illegally. The EPA, Port Authorities and other agencies charged with cleaning up, or monitoring are overwhelmed by the size of the problem. Water tables, that have supplied clean water for thousands of years, are now so polluted by chemicals and toxins, that they cannot be used for drinking water.  Wildlife in this country is being decimated in this country by pollution, to the point that some species are either already extinct or on the point of extinction.  We must start now to bring about change, or the following generations will inherit and earth that is devastated by pollution.


    How do we solve a problem this huge?  One way is to have the waterways monitored on a constant basis. Instead of testing periodically, sensors placed at strategic positions could give instant warnings of toxins entering the waterways. The same would apply to the water tables. Nanobots would be used in the cleanup of spills, whether accidental or malicious.  Those who would illegally dump into waterways would be detected and prosecuted.  Sensors will play a major role in the coming years, as an aide to those attempting to keep our water supply safe.