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Research Offices

The charter of the Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. (The Center) is to provide proof of concept of emerging technologies and risk mitigation in support of Scientific Research and Development.  This is accomplished through technology investigations, demonstrations and prototyping, as well as through coordination and integration activities, in support of technology transition or insertion into operational efforts. The Center's efforts are related to requirements and/or needs generated by Special Program Offices (SPO). The Center's efforts require integration with the Systems Requirements studies, the systems development efforts and the system engineering efforts of the SPO’s in order to accomplish the primary objectives of The Center. 


             This document defines The Center functions, organization, and responsibilities. It prescribes the general operating policies and procedures, which are to be followed within The Center, Projects by The Center's contractors, and within The Center itself.  As such, it represents The Center Operating and Management Plan.  (While this document is intended for The Center personnel, individual project managers may elect to give portions of it or the entire document to their contractors.  The companion to this management plan – Program Implementation Directive (PID), is directed at guiding the contractor through the process.) 


The five Directors of the five Special Program Offices (D/SPOs) are responsible to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for managing the activities of their office.

The Divisions within the SPOs, headed by Program Managers, are responsible for the applied research and development of new technologies required to support segments of appropriate programs and future programs, as per the direction of the SPO Director.  The Divisions of the SPOs are also responsible for developing new technologies in support of their appropriate areas of expertise, information collection management, processing and dissemination capabilities, proof of concept demonstrations and transition of development programs.

The Center manages the technical, budget, and schedule aspects of its’ projects and programs, through it’s five Program Directors.  The prime responsibility of the Program Director is to deliver projects and programs according to specifications, on time, and within cost.  The major activities of these managers are as follows:

  • Define both the capabilities to be acquired and the method for managing the development cycle

  • Analyzing risk (Cost, Technical and Schedule)

  •  Allocating resources

  •  Monitoring progress and controlling change

  • Hierarchy:

    • The Center (CEO)

      • Special Program Office (D/SPO - Program Director)

        • Division (C/"Div" - Program Manager)

          • Project (Project Manager)

  • The Center shall consist of no greater than 5 Special Program Offices

  • Any Special Program Office shall consist of no greater than 5 Divisions

  • Any Division shall consist of no greater than 5 Project Managers

  • Any Project Manager shall manage no greater than 5 projects. 

The goal of the D/SPO is to establish a management environment where the activities can be efficiently carried out.  And, to ensure there is a timely information flow that identifies problem areas early enough to permit effective action, using the tools defined herein.



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