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Special Program Office - Director


NOTE: This is a Volunteer position until such time that appropriate funding is secured, at which time it will convert to full/part time, as appropriate.

  • Location: Houston, Texas

  • Job Category: Senior Program Management

About the Center

The Center for NanoSpace Technologies (The Center) is a Texas based nonprofit research foundation chartered to conceive, establish and conduct cutting edge technology, research and development. These technologies are then infused into the Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Sciences, and Shipping/Transportation industries.

The Center is to provide proof of concept of emerging technologies and risk mitigation in support of Scientific Research and Development.  This is accomplished through technology investigation, demonstration and prototyping, as well as through coordination and integration activities, in support of technology transition or insertion into operational efforts. The Center's efforts are related to requirements and/or needs generated by Special Program Offices (SPO). The Center's efforts require integration with the Systems Requirements studies, the systems development efforts and the system engineering efforts of the SPO’s in order to accomplish the primary objectives of The Center.


Job Description

We are at the beginning of an extremely promising growth phase, and are looking for motivated team players to build one of the country's top applied research & development organizations. You will be working with bright and motivated individuals to deliver technology solutions to one or more of the Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Sciences or Shipping/Transportation industries, dependent upon background and qualifications.

Currently, we have an opportunity for a Director -
Special Program Office (D/SPO) for each of the following Research areas:

  • Aerospace,

  • Education,

  • Energy,

  • Life Sciences, and

  • Shipping/Transportation

Primary Responsibility
The primary responsibility of a D/SPO is to apply their knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to program and project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from the program or project.

Reporting Lines

  • All project managers belong to the industry specific Special Program Office (SPO) reporting to the Director (D/SPO), who reports directly to The Center's Chief Executive Officer

  • When a particular project belongs to a program of projects, the project manager will report directly to the program manager (SPO Division Chief) who reports directly to the D/SPO

  • All customers have an account/engagement manager responsible for generating business with that customer and managing the customer relationship. Project managers working for that customer will work with the account/engagement manager to achieve these goals

  • All staff assigned to the project will directly report to the project manager on project-related activities for the duration of the project.

Major Activities

In order to achieve the primary responsibility the D/SPO shall execute the following major activities: 

  • Provide leadership and vision for SPO’s work.

  • Identify and obtain funding for SPO’s on-going operations and special projects from philanthropic, corporate and government sources. Foster and maintain Sponsor relationships.

  • Assist The Center’s Board of Directors in setting policy and fulfilling its role in leading and guiding the organization, including the development of The Center’s strategic plan. Keep the Board (and other advisory bodies that may be created) apprised of SPO activities.

  • Coordinate the implementation of The Center's strategic plan by motivating, supporting and assisting SPO staff as they fulfill their duties.

  • Represent and advocate for The Center nationally before a wide variety of audiences, from corporate leaders and education policy-makers to educators and students.

  • Oversee the preparation of the SPO annual budget and exercise final authority over SPO spending. Ensure that the SPO meets all tax, audit and reporting requirements.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Science, Engineering, Business, or a related field. Master’s Degree preferred.

  • Minimum 10 years work experience in Research and Development, Program Management, small business development/assistance or related fields

  • Proven ability to raise funds for innovative programming in the fields of Research and Development or related fields

  • Excellent leadership, writing, speaking and listening skills

  • Management skills and expertise, including strategic planning, budgeting, working with a Board of Directors

  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse entrepreneurial team committed to continuous improvement

  • Ability to work with a broad range of people -- from students and classroom educators to elected officials and corporate leaders

  • Interest in and commitment to entrepreneurial development

  • Ability to travel

  • Proven technology systems development and creative track record

  • Management of multiple/concurrent projects

  • Formal project management methods/experience

  • Experience of both custom and component based development

Desired Skills/Technologies:

  • Business analysis

  • Professional services and/or systems background

  • Budget responsibility of 10 million plus

  • Commitment to technology and business solutions

  • Commitment to help shape and influence a rapidly growing enterprise

  • Technology delivery

Strong preference will be given for knowledge of, and experience working with, HOUSTON, TX foundations, donors, corporations and non-profit organizations. 

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should forward their Resume' (Word format preferred) to Applicants