Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc.

Technologies for the Future ....



Clients of The Center will know that contracting with The Center is the most professional, less risky way, to develop new products and get them to market. 


What does this mean to the customer?

The Center’s research management services can save the customer time, money, and put the customer ahead of the competition!


How? By the Center enabling a synergy between government, industrial and academic complexes. The customer informs The Center of its requirements, and we bring to bear the experts within our organization, to meet and excel those requirements.


The Center has in place the people and equipment necessary to accomplish the R & D, both nationally and internationally. Not only does The Center have the people and facilities, we may, in some instances, already have the answers!


What does this mean to the customer? It means huge savings in time and more importantly money! Research and development costs can drain a company, without any guarantee of a successful end product. The Center can reduce the R & D costs, and risks, substantially, utilizing The Center’s experts, who are at the very cutting edge of Nano/Micro Technology and its commercial applications.


The Center can aid in boosting sales and profits by re-scaling, reconfiguring and integrating Nano/Micro Technology into existing systems or innovative new products, producing performance factors such as:

  • Increased unit power/mass or volume,

  • Superior strength and/or density, 

  • Exceptional miniaturization and form, 

  • Additionally functionality to existing products, 

  • Innovative product applications, Enhanced reliability, 

  • Enhanced product, features, 

  • Improved operational efficiency, 

  • Price and profit advantage.

The Center can develop measurable Nano/Micro scale benefits, and aid in the further exploration and structuring of product differentiation solutions by applying research, fabrication and product packaging, where production progress and turn around time is substantially decreased.


The Center performs technological or engineering appraisals, market forecasts studies, commercial valuations, licensing and intellectual property assessments that incorporate Nano/Micro Technology. The Center brings a new and innovative Nano/Micro scale approach to the customers’ problems. The results are increased sales and profits. The Center provides the data needed to make informed decisions while at the same time reducing overall costs.

The Center has an experienced science and commercial staff who can manage the total research and product development cycle, freeing up the customer’s resources.


The Center must also maintain a financial balance, hold a high value on its services, and deliver an even higher value to its clients. The strongest focus will be national markets, both industrial and governmental. In many ways, the U.S. has fallen behind in the research of micro-nano technology, and a major part of The Center’s strategy will be to place the U.S. in the forefront of this research. The Center will also embrace international markets, while protecting projects impacting on national security threats to the United States. Both of these strategies will run concurrently.


The Center will offer an ideal location to exploit these new and emerging technologies. The Center's Program Implementation Directive, addresses the new paradigm for the communication, control, status, coordination, reporting and accounting of the research and development of these fundamentally new science and engineering areas.


These emerging technologies are very distinct and call for a different approach because:

  • The time lag between discovery and utilization is longer than in most fields

  • Talent is thin and geographically dispersed

  • Facilities are few, limited in capabilities and also geographically dispersed

  • The knowledge gap between science and engineering is significant

  • Serious institutional commitments to the research and exploitation are few

  • A new approach for the management and accounting of this new research is required

Nano/MEMS and other emerging technology devices offer the potential for significant cost savings and performance enhancements in industrial systems. Multi-user benefits to Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Science, Shipping/Transportation, and other industries are:

  • Reduction in power/volume/weight (functionality per unit power, volume, mass)

  • Minimized susceptibility to shock and vibrations

  • Faster, yet lower cost through batch processing

  • subsystem standardization

  • flexibility

  • modularity

  • low cost qualification testing (e.g. small test chambers)

  • Enhanced systems reliability and autonomy through redundancy

Using the new paradigm, these goals can be achieved through the integration of micro-sensors and instruments with the microelectronics to produce complete, stand alone, micro-instruments (ASIMs). The potential for advanced robotics using smart sensors with localized data processing, and the capability of crossing all core interest areas of The Center, will allow refurbishing of growing business endeavors.


The focus will primarily be on commercial and terrestrial. The market for consumer goods applications, (automobiles, portable computers, self-test health kits, labs on a chip, etc.) will soon become an avalanche. However, government through its participation in space, law enforcement, and national security can leverage many lessons learned from commercial developments.


The services offered by the Center will be very different to others available today. The SRC offers solutions to both industry and government, packaged in various formats, which allow the customer to choose their preferred relationship with the Center. Service covers the gamut from ideational to proof of concept. Using this format the customer is able to choose which services are required, thereby lowering their cost of research and development, and bringing the required product to the market place, in a more timely manner.


The Center, offers the expertise industry and government requires in developing new products and markets at smaller cost, greater efficiency and shorter development and testing periods.


The Center, offers a new paradigm in the handling of projects. The Center can take a project from concept to proof of concept and along the way offer services packaged to suit the customer. Retainer Consulting will certainly be available to customers. The ‘Center" will represent a customer as an extension of its R&D program. To do this we must understand the customer’s situation, objectives and constraints. We can than represent the customer confidentially, to ascertain workable concepts and to take those concepts through the research and development process, or, represent the customer in contracting out the project.


Project Management is proposed and billed on a per project basis. Project management using The Center’s Program Implementation Directive opens the door for customers to harness our specific qualities and expertise to aide them in solving problems, as well as developing and testing projects.


Concept Analyzing plays a major role in the services the "Center" available to our customers. Feasibility of a project is studied by Center’s, scientific and business experts and reported on, to the customer, through the Corporate Division. By handling this aspect, The Center reduces both the cost and risk to the customer.