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The charter of the Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. (The Center) is to provide proof of concept of emerging technologies and risk mitigation in support of Scientific Research and Development.  This is accomplished through technology investigations, demonstrations and prototyping, as well as through coordination and integration activities, in support of technology transition or insertion into operational efforts. The Center's efforts are related to requirements and/or needs generated by Special Program Offices (SPO). The Center's efforts require integration with the Systems Requirements studies, the systems development efforts and the system engineering efforts of the SPO’s in order to accomplish the primary objectives of The Center. 





Chief Executive Officer    Chief Operating Officer    Chief Financial Officer    Chief Technology Officer    Chief Support Officer

Steve R. Watson              Roland Walker                 Kenneth Sweeney         Janet Ralph-Cline               Muriel K. Watson


Board of Advisors

Dr. Alvin Marks

Advanced Research & Development Corp

Dr. Charles Kershaw


Dr. Charles Reynerson

Ball Aerospace

Dr. Edward Raudenbush

US Air Force

Dr. Gary Frazier

Raytheon Corp.

Dr. George Haddad

University of Michigan

Dr. Kevin Barrett

University of Texas - Med Br.

Dr. Kevin Corson

University of Texas - Med Br.

Dr. Laszlo Fulop

US Government

Dr. Neil McAllister


Dr. Richard Freeman


Lt. Col. Stephen Edwards, PhD

US Air Force

Dr. Timothy McHale

Aerospace Corp.

Mr. Robert Stroud

Aerospace Corp.

Those interested in serving on the the Center's Board of Advisors should contact the Center's CEO, Steve R. Watson at: