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Technologies for the Future ....

 Technologies for the Future ....




Shipping & Transportation


The purpose of the Division will be to research and develop, emerging technologies, which will then be integrated into each of the above named areas. The development of sensors will play a major role in the Shipping and Transportation Division, with ideas and products crossing into several other divisions of The Center. While this outline of the Shipping and Transportation Division will discuss sensors yet to be developed, it must be understood that The Center already has some of these sensors ready for production, and others well into the research and development stage.


The use of sensors in the coming years will play a major role in keeping not only our planet cleaner, but will impact the everyday lives of people. Continuous monitoring will take the place of periodic sampling, whether from security to pollution, and anything in between. The earth will be a cleaner and more secure place for both humans and wildlife.


These sensors will cross-pollinate with all the divisions within The Center, especially in the areas of Life Sciences, Aerospace and energy. Sensors developed within one division can be adapted to work in other divisions. It is virtually impossible at this stage to think of all the uses for sensors in the Life Sciences and Aerospace divisions. The continued health and security of humankind, wildlife and the planet are all intertwined. It is up to us to leave the coming generations a legacy.


The Shipping and Transportation Office is based upon the Program Management Plan laid out by The Center.  As with the other offices, the Shipping and Transportation Office will encompass five programs (Divisions):

  • Air

  • Environmental

  • Land

  • Sea

  • Security/Detection

The make-up of the staff is as follows:

  • Director

  • SPO Secretary

  • Division Chief (5 ea.)

  • Division Secretary (5 ea.)

  • Visioneers (25 ea.)


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