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The SPO's are supported by various staff elements, which are contained within a similar structure as that of the SPO's.  The Support "SPO" consists of a Director and 5 support Divisions.  These Divisions are: 

  • Administration

  • Business

  • Facilities

  • Legal

  • Security

The Support Staff of The Center provides management services for the Director(s) and The Center Program Offices.


The Support Staff is responsible for budget, fiscal management, configuration management policy, personnel training and logistics functions.  The Support Staff provides primary administrative support and is secretary of the personnel advisory board, and manages all other activities concerning The Center financial matters.


The Administrative Division administers the office personnel support system.


The Business Division is the interface for business matters with outside sponsors/customers as well as Public Relations activities.


The Contracts Division solicits/submits all proposals (competitive or sole source), negotiates, administers, and manages all The Center's contracts and associated actions.  The Contracts Officer(s) is responsible for ensuring that all contractual legal requirements are met during The Center's involvement with any contractor, and administers the Award Fee Board, if appropriate.  The Contracts Officer(s) also coordinates all contractual financial actions to ensure that contract legal requirements are met.  The Contracts Officer(s) maintains the contractual documentation in a central file.  The Contracts Officer(s) reports to D/Support for all contract actions and to the Board of Directors for policy and administrative guidance.


The Facilities Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility.  These activities include, but not limited to: Logistics, Maintenance, Cafeteria, Parking lot, Etc.


The Security Division of The Center is responsible for all The Center security matters.  These responsibilities extend across several programs and special duties.  Such areas as Security manuals, Plans, audits, and general security policy interpretation fall under the Security Staff cognizance.   The Security Staff is also responsible for assisting in contractor access requests, initiating The Center visitor notifications, and reviewing The Center documentation for security guidelines conformance. The Security Staff reports to the C/Support Staff for all security actions and to the Board of Directors for all policy and Administrative guidance. Security Division also contains the registry, which serves as The Center's document control and routing system.