Technologies Transforming The Home Inspection Business

Jun 6, 2020 Plumbing Contractors

Technologies Transforming The Home Inspection Business

A home inspection is now becoming a vital step before making a home purchase. Property buyers prefer to hire home inspectors to check on the house, apartment, or any residential buildings they are planning to buy. Long Island Home Inspection Pros are also into it, but why is this a trend these days?

People in the past did not see the benefits of home inspection until recently when property owners realized the risks of buying something you’re unsure of. It’s crucial to make sure that the environment of the place you’re settling in is safe and healthy. Obviously, you would want to protect your family from any harmful diseases, accidents, and all other things that could harm them. And this is where home inspection becomes a must before you seal that deal.

A home inspection is a process of hiring a skilled and experienced individual to do a thorough check of the property you are eyeing to buy. Most people looking for one would pick an outstanding home inspector with exceptional knowledge and top of the line expertise. Indeed, the ones mentioned are important to be at peace that you’re getting an accurate report as the basis of your final decision.

Over the years, skills are the main factor that clients look into when choosing a home inspector for their prospective property. These days, this isn’t the case anymore. People partner with someone who doesn’t only have the skills but also utilizes high technology resources to ensure success. Is this to be trendy? Definitely not. Picking a home inspector who is familiar with the latest innovations for the home inspection is ideal because the accuracy of their job is 100%. Undoubtedly, flashlights, extendable ladders, inspection mirrors are still helpful, but integrating high technology equipment and resources will never harm.

Innovations are changing and boosting the home inspection business. Paired with excellent performances of home inspectors, clients can expect one of a kind thoroughness and impressive precision. We have listed down below the most utilized high tech tools for a Long Island home inspection and the corresponding uses for your reference.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 

Traditional home inspectors would use flashlights to check on walls and before everybody finds it entirely right. Not until infrared cameras are introduced for a more precise assessment. Using this high tech camera, a home inspector can detect both the visible and the invisible. Flashlights can’t distinguish drywall from a wet one and identify a damaged duct from an unharmed pipe. Using the infrared cameras, home inspectors can individually check on moisture, hot wire, cold, wire, etc.

Leak Detectors   

Plumbing is a crucial part of any residential property, and missing one single issue will cost you hundreds of dollars in the future. Before, aside from hiring a home inspector, it’s required that you seek assistance from a plumber to check on leaks to ensure it’s free from any plumbing issue. But this isn’t needed anymore with the use of leak detectors. Nowadays, qualified home inspectors can conduct the assessment using this one of a kind innovation. During the home inspection, your inspector can go over the roof, pipes, tubes, and other linings to ensure everything functions well using a leak detector.

Digital Manometer 

Testing flues and the performance of your stove, boilers, and other appliances that use gas are very important. A manual check will do, but the accuracy wise, this isn’t something you can be 100% sure. Fortunately, home inspectors can now use a digital manometer to check on gas pressures and give you a straightforward report about it. You may do the checking yourself if you know how to use such a product. If unsure, get a home inspector to evaluate the property for you.

The list of technological breakthroughs in a home inspection can go and on. The three highlighted equipment can be purchased on Amazon and are commonly used ones as they detect complicated property issues. These problems are what home inspectors miss every time they submit their final report to clients. With all the innovations available for home inspectors, clients are assured that everything else will be covered and are bound to make perfect decisions after. These products of technologies are not only changing the ways of the home inspection but also the quality of output experts provide to their customers.